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Collabeatz are ERC721A tokens deployed on the Ethereum network. Each token points to its own metadata that is safely stored on IPFS.

Collabeatz are not some static PFPs whose value is derived only from the rarity of the random visual traits. You can actively make your Collabeatz more valuabe: change dynamic attributes in its contract!


A collaboration is an on-chain attribute that makes your Collabeatz more powerful and unique. Each Collabeatz can have other Collabeatz or other NFTs as collaborations: each Collabeatz NFT has a data structure that can store other NFT identifiers.

  • Adding an NFT as a collaboration does not affect the NFT in any way.

  • It's a way to push holders to customize their Collabeatz with what they own.


Users, app or even other Smart Contracts can read the information about the collaborations of a Collabeatz or an external NFT.


Even a Collabeatz with common traits can become special if it has rare NFTs as collaborations!


Collabeatz have an on-chain trait called LEVEL that starts from the value "0" (zero).
This is written in the smart contract but you can also see it as a trait on the metadata.

The level is increased by 2 if you add a Collabeatz and by 1 if you add another NFT as collaboration.

The maximum level is 10.

Think extendible, make composable

NFTs can be more than JPEGs, they may contain on-chain data that could be used by other smart contracts and off-chain applications.
We are going to develop new contracts and applications that extend and use the Collabeatz's "collaboration" feature and we expect other dev teams to do the same to create a strong ecosystem together.

Examples of possible use cases:

  • Add other Collabeatz with similar features (e.g. head, body and arms of the same model) to mint a special edition of a new Collabeatz collection

  • Add 5 other Collabeatz to mint a special music NFT that contains all the sound loops of the 5 Collabeatz

  • Add other NFTs as collaborations to get airdrops or access to future whitelist from new projects.

See Collaborations page for more info


  • Add up to 5 different collaborations at once to your Collabeatz through the web page (WIP)

  • Own the Collabeatz that you want to boost with a collaboration

  • Own the NFTs that you want to add as collaboration. They must be owned by the same address as the Collabeatz you want to boost


  • As owner of the Collabeatz. you can remove any of its collaborations

  • You can not add duplicated collaborations or personal Collabeatz as its own collaboration

  • The same NFT can be added as collaboration to more than one Collabeatz

  • The owner of the NFT added as collaboration can remove it

  • Only Externally Owned Accounts can add or remove collaborations

X Twitter is the main source of public information of the Collabeatz
Use Discord to communicate with Team Collabeatz and participate in the community

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