Here comes the beat of a new world, from the darkness of a warehouse to the light of a shining humanity.

Where a flaw sounds as a wow, where the things you can't remember tell the lives you can't forget.

And we work on the notes of collaboration, to create a sustainable tune more real than reality.

Make digital money is not that bad for us, away from calculations of speculative finance close to something owned by all.

this is a Great opportunity to grow together, a supreme algorithm for the heart of a new rhythm This is the DAWN of a new society.

Ready for its sound?

Collaborative Synergy


In the vast world of NFT projects, Collabeatz stands out as a unique initiative driven by a dedicated team within the expansive NTT DATA Group Corporation. Unlike typical NFT ventures led by small independent teams, Collabeatz benefits from the collective expertise of professionals from various NTT DATA units around the world. Our Collabeatz Team is accustomed to collaborating with major corporations, and we are on a mission to bring Web3 to these enterprises. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we aim to introduce the exciting possibilities of NFT technology to large businesses, creating innovative and meaningful projects in the future.

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