Collaboration is revolution

We believe in experimenting an unexpected hybrid crossing between Art, Music, Web3 Technology and a Collaborative Ecosystem.

Collaboration is evolution

And our aim is creating multi-purpose and multi-target Web3 products, all linked together.

Collaboration is emotion

Our real challenge? Connecting the crypto-native world with existing and emerging brands, artists and musicians.

For our community collaboration is not only a way of life but a proactive attitude to face the Bear Markets head-on. We don't have a magic wand but we know how to turn the tune, even when the situation doesn't sound the way we'd like.

A positive approach is the first step to more and more collaboration. But technology must also play its part!

Indeed, we want to enable a techno/value ecosystem where NFT is not static but is the starting point for unlimited customization and composability with other NFT collections.

The advantage?
You enhance the history of your NFT, making it grow in level, and giving birth to a new original story. Your collabeatz grow with each other, but also through the boost of other collections. Gamification like that sounds really good, doesn't it? And in the marketplace everyone will know about it!

Of course we care about the crypto world as much as the real one.
For us sustainability for example is not the usual music but an opportunity to improve the system. So much, however, depends on who will want to get into the field with us.

Who beats with Collabeatz?

Our aim is to grow our collection as well. So we have thought of the right people to accomplish this.

Collabeatz is NTT DATA's ecosystem of products and services that bridges three different communities:


    Enterprises and institutions that want to improve the world with Web3


    Crypto-native startups, investors, NFT collectors that want to find new business opportunities outside the niche.


    Experienced and talented designers, artists, musicians, and developers who want to bridge the crypto ecosystem and the enterprise world.

Feel free to fill to write us at to create together something never experienced before.

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